Creating Opportunity

Montana & Idaho CDC provides flexible, affordable financing to support businesses and strengthen communities.


Why We Lend

Montana & Idaho CDC specializes in providing business loans to people who do not qualify for bank financing.  Our loans create income opportunities, high-quality jobs, and financing solutions for all Montana and Idaho communities.

Markets We Serve

We work throughout Montana and Idaho to deliver financing to people who cannot access traditional bank financing but show a strong likelihood of repayment based on character, credit worthiness, past performance, and future projections.

Our Loan Fund

Montana & Idaho CDC offers standard term loans or lines of credit ranging from $1,000–$2,000,000. We offer flexible terms with rates generally 2–3% higher than a bank. Our loan officers and staff work with clients to establish loan size, type of loan structure, and uses, and then match the best funding source(s) to the client.

Dollars into Difference

Big Impacts for Small Businesses

  • Owner of Nova Cafe, Serena Rundberg poses with staff members.