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HomeNow Realtors

Buyers Agents

If you have a client who qualifies for a mortgage but can’t save up the cash for a down payment and closing costs, tell them about HomeNow, a new program that helps people buy homes with zero down payment. Montana CDC established HomeNow as part of its mission to provide hardworking Montanans with access to resources that build long-term financial security.
HomeNow can be used with conventional loans (Fannie Mae HomeReady), or government loans (FHA, VA or RD). It is available to all qualifying borrowers including first-time home buyers.

HomeNow is different from other down-payment assistance programs:

  • It does not need to be repaid, ever, and buyers can refinance or sell at any time
  • It provides instant equity in the home.
  • There is no second mortgage placed on the home.

Listing Agents

If you are listing an entry level home, or a home in a qualified low income census tract, notify realtors and buyers about HomeNow, the program that helps people buy homes with
zero down payment.

Income Eligibility

Homes in all areas qualify for HomeNow. Depending on the location and mortgage type, some income requirements may apply for buyers. With conventional loans, there is no maximum income limit for buyers if the home is located in a low income census tract. Maps of low income census tracts are available at right, or you can put in a specific address HERE.

Marketing Materials

Montana CDC offers a variety of materials to support you and educate your clients.
Please contact us if you would like any of the following:

  • Promotional fliers (also available for download at right)
  • Magnets that can be placed on your sign or a refrigerator
  • Maps indicating the location of low income census tracts in your city
    (also available for download at right)

Invest In Community

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