Education and Expansion

Montana & Idaho CDC consulting and financing helped Jim stabilize, strengthen, and expand his business.

Tri-State Restaurant Supply

14 Employees

2 Warehouse Locations

1 of 28 Lines of Credit to Businesses Across Montana

Like many small business owners, Jim Bliss was not prepared for the economic downturn. His business, Tri-State Restaurant Supply, which distributes specialty kitchen and coffee supplies was hit hard by the recession and was not showing signs of a timely recovery.  Although Jim was working day and night to adjust operations and keep his company afloat, his cash supply and inventory were dwindling.  Jim knew he needed cash to survive.  Upon learning he was not eligible for bank financing, Jim came to Montana & Idaho CDC.  Even though Jim was an expert in the restaurant supply business, he recognized his limitations when it came to understanding and managing from his financial statements.

Our Small Business Development Center Director worked with Jim for over a year to overhaul his bookkeeping and equip him with the essential tools required to stabilize and strengthen his business. “Montana & Idaho CDC came to my rescue,” Jim exclaims. “They walked me through months of spreadsheet after spreadsheet.”

One year later, Jim had created a lean and nimble business.  He applied for and was approved for financing at Montana & Idaho CDC.  Jim credits our Business Development Center for helping him learn the value of making business decisions based on his financial statements.  But the relationship didn’t stop here.  As the economy started to turn around the demand for Tri-State’s products and services grew quickly.  A few months prior, Jim was in need of cash to stay alive, and suddenly, he needed capital to grow.  This time Jim needed a line of credit, which Montana & Idaho CDC was able to provide.

Today, Tri-State Restaurant Supply employs 14 staff with offices in two cities and continues to serve the entire state of Montana–an irrefutable success.

Kalispell, MT

118 W. Cooperative Way
Kalispell, MT 59901