Solid Foundation

Alpine Granite was able to use Montana & Idaho CDC financing to grow into a bank relationship

Alpine Granite Accents

7 Full-Time Employees

2.5 Acres Developed into Showroom and Manufacturing Facility

13 Years In Business

Kasey Buoy can turn a slab of granite into a work of art.  His wife, Flora, has a magical way with business. So, when they were just barely out of college, they took a leap of faith and started their own business, Alpine Granite Accents.  Like so many successful businesses, they started in their garage and slowly expanded into a small shop. Soon, they outgrew their space and found a 2.5 acre piece of property that could house a showroom and their manufacturing facility. It was just what they needed to move their business to the next level, but it was a stretch financially.

Kasey and Flora went to their local bank but couldn’t get all the financing they needed. They had the skills, the smarts, and the dedication, but not the assets or the track record required. But their banker believed in them.  The banker called Montana & Idaho CDC and together they were able to get Flora and Kasey the necessary loans through a partnership.  The bank assessed all their assets, while Montana & Idaho CDC was able to take more risk on their determination and business sense. “Montana & Idaho CDC allowed us to expand the business in a way we couldn’t do before,” says Flora.

Montana & Idaho CDC’s flexible lending allowed Alpine Granite to get on its feet. Kasey and Flora worked hard on building their business and in just a few years, they were able to refinance the loan through their original bank at a lower rate.

Today the loan to Montana & Idaho CDC has been paid off and business is thriving. Flora and Kasey have five full-time employees and plans to grow even bigger. Their next step will be to expand into new products and grow the showroom. From a big dream to a thriving business, Alpine Granite is proof positive that hard work and flexible financing can help build a rock solid foundation. “Running Alpine Granite has been great and wonderful for our family,” says Flora. “It offers us a lot of freedoms that we would not otherwise have if we worked for someone else.”

Victor, MT

1138 US Hwy 93 North
Victor, MT 59875