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Client Spotlight: A New Home, A New Business for Butte home buyer

Down payments are the largest barrier to homeownership, but HomeNow has been helping Montanans overcome this hurdle by helping out with their down payment. For one home buyer in Butte, a new home also meant a new job, and the flexibility she needed as a single mother:

“I’m a young single mother with hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty. I couldn’t afford daycare but it was entirely impossible to work part-time or stay at home. I wanted to open an in-home daycare to solve these problems but I needed to own a home to do it. I didn’t have enough in savings and I couldn’t find a way to save enough money for it considering my circumstances. HomeNow was the key and solved all my problems. I’m now a business owner. I work from home and I get to spend every day with my daughter.”

-Timber Crooker, Butte MT

Congratulations, Timber!

Learn more about the HomeNow $0 down mortgage program here.

  • Timber Crooker, HomeNow grant recipient in Butte, MT