Team Work

Our role is to foster a resilient economy that is built on the
inherent strengths of the people and the place where we live.


Photo of Melanie Calahan

Melanie Calahan

Director of Sales and Outreach

As Director of Sales and Outreach, Melanie is responsible for planning Montana & Idaho CDC’s marketing strategies and communicating to potential customers, partners, and the public about our organization. She works closely with the operations and financial teams so she can explain how our clients’ successes create a larger impact in the community. Before joining Montana & Idaho CDC, Melanie worked for 12 years as a marketing professional both on the agency side and in-house marketing departments. Melanie earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from MSU-Billings. When she’s not working, Melanie likes to spend quality time with her husband and two young children, who all enjoy skiing, golfing, and relaxing at the lake. In her spare, spare time, she likes to read and write.